Innovation and Intelligence at the Heart of Water Management

At Aquasmart, we push the boundaries of water management technology with our patented solutions, designed to make leak detection smarter, more efficient, and more accessible. Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop a suite of advanced technologies centered on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors, offering unprecedented water monitoring and management capabilities.

Early Leak Detection with AI and Machine Learning

Our technology leverages AI and machine learning to analyze water consumption data in real-time, allowing for the detection of even the smallest leaks with unmatched precision. This ability to quickly identify anomalies minimizes water loss, reduces costs for users, and protects water resources.

Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic Sensors

The key to our technology lies in the use of advanced ultrasonic sensors. Among the most efficient on the market, these sensors capture vibrations and sounds at frequencies undetectable by the human ear, pinpointing water leaks with exceptional accuracy, even through walls and underground.

Simplified Installation with Clip-On

We've revolutionized the installation of leak detection systems with our world-first Clip-On product. Designed for easy installation without the need for professional intervention, Clip- On attaches directly to your piping, making leak detection technology accessible to everyone.

Intuitive Smartphone Interface

To complement our technology, we offer a user-friendly smartphone interface. This app allows everyone to monitor their water consumption, receive real-time notifications in the event of a leak or anomaly, and act swiftly to prevent damage or water waste. With this interface, managing your water consumption becomes both simple and effective, giving you total control over your water footprint.

Commit to Smarter Water Management with Aquasmart

Aquasmart's technology redefines what's possible in water management. By combining AI, machine learning, ultrasonic sensors, and simplified installation with our Clip-On, we provide a comprehensive solution for smarter, more sustainable water management. Join us in this technological revolution and take control of your water consumption with Aquasmart.

Aqua Smart systems are installed

Our Experienced Executive Team

Avraham Davidson

CEO/CTO , MSc in Information Systems, hardware engineer with over 30 years’ experience who has been involved in 2 big exits (Cisco and Melanox), member of management team of real estate company

Asher Vaknin

COO MBA, over 25 years’ experience as a mechanical engineer in start-ups and the military field

Daniel Klajmic

CMO , MBA, hardware engineer, more than 20 years’ experience in business development, and managing companies in Israel and Europe