The Smart System that Protects your Property 24/7

The system is based on sensors placed at the entrance to the property, which communicate with the Cloud
AquaSmart sensors & algorithms are capable of distinguishing between normal use and malfunctions, identifying unusual behaviors in real-time.
Information is sent to the app, which issues an alert every time an abnormality occurs.
If a dangerous malfunction is detected, the system disconnects the supply to avoid dange

Aqua Smart systems are installed

Our Experienced Executive Team

Avraham Davidson

CEO/CTO , MSc in Information Systems, hardware engineer with over 30 years’ experience who has been involved in 2 big exits (Cisco and Melanox), member of management team of real estate company

Asher Vaknin

COO MBA, over 25 years’ experience as a mechanical engineer in start-ups and the military field

Daniel Klajmic

CMO , MBA, hardware engineer, more than 20 years’ experience in business development, and managing companies in Israel and Europe